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Strengthening institutions through collaborative work
Multidisciplinary Work
Multidisciplinary Work
Strengthening institutions through collaborative work

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FS ADVISORY FIRM, S.C., is a Firm that combines years of experience among it’s multidisciplinary professionals, with the objective of providing specialized business consulting services, corporate governance, internal control, finance, credit, investment services, regulatory interpretation, IT, comprehensive risk management, as well as the necessary support in the related automated systems.


Operating Philosophy

Experience in Project and Risk Assessment.

Well-defined work and Communication


of Eminence.

Deep Interaction with Supervisory Authorities.

Approach Based
on Risk Intelligence.

Work Team.

Extensive Experience, Industry Knowledge and a Specialized Team.

Constant Learning
and Research.

Coordination and Synergy with the areas of Specialization of the Sector (taxes).

High Commitment to Involvement of Leaders as part of their
"Business as Usual".

Wide Variety of Services Available

We know how important the use of information is for our clients,
there for we always look for the best solutions for each type of requirement.

In financial intermediation business processes
(Banks, Brokerage Houses, Fund Operators, Insurance Companies, Leasing Companies, SOFOMES, Savings Banks, Cooperatives, Credit Unions, SOFIPOS, and others).

Development of regulatory compliance matrices for any of the aforementioned entities.

In financial intermediation business processes
(Banks, Brokerage Houses,
Fund Operators,
Insurance Companies, Leasing Companies,
SOFOMES, Savings Banks, Cooperatives,
Credit Unions, SOFIPOS, and others).

Development of regulatory compliance metrics for any of the aforementioned entities.


Reflecting the actual operation
of the entity, with approach on ISO 9000, 27001, 20000, 38500, 22301, 22313,
22317, 27031, Supply Chainy, COSO, and others.

Definition, documentation and start-up, as well as rating tools.


Improved results through reducing costs and efficiency of structures and personnel.

Investment Services
(Sales practices).

Fulfillment of applicable provisions.

Management for the acquisition of financing Development Banking.

Desigment and implementation of compliance programs.

Technological desigment and implementation solutions.

Risks, credit, recruitment, investments, finances, assets,
collection, internal control, corporate governance, and information technology. Specific regulatory advice (diagnosis, desigment and implementation).

Implementation of the PLD/FT risk-based approach methodology (Banking Products, SPEI, SPID, and so on).

Analysis of Alerts of automated systems.

Improvement results through reducing costs and the efficiency of structures and staff.

Investment Services
(Sales practices).

Services by Specialty Areas

Specialized services for Financial Entities through documentation and dissemination, gathering and adjustment of information, regulatory compliance and healthy practices, considering:

FS ADVISORY. Business Market Services

  • Audit
  • Business Consulting
  • Risk Advisory
  • Outsourcing of Administrative Processes
  • Administrative Process Improvements
  • Management Solutions

Auditing services aimed at providing reliable financial information for use by senior management, directors board, investors, credit institutions and third parties interested in the company. Services including, but not limited to:

  • Review and desigment of internal control systems
  • Limited review of financial statements at interim dates and specific areas
  • Specific regulatory technical reviews (Banxico Circulars, Risks, Credit, and others)

We help clients focus on the transformation required for the integration of good practices in their companies, from the strategy and business models to the interaction with users and the operation of the various administrative areas and information systems through comparisons with leading practices, organizational schemes and business efficiency
Our services include:

  • Advice on Corporate Governance (Regulated and Non-Regulated Entities)
  • Functional technology consultancies
  • Quality management and carrying out indicators
  • Process redesign
    Outsourcing of Administrative Processes

And others.

•Identification and management of risks at all levels of your organization that could have a negative impact on your performance and financial results. Our experience in Business Risk Management advises you on the management of systems, tools, training and methodologies for risk management in your business and technological processes. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Business Risk Management
  • Internal audit
  • Process reengineering
  • Advice on review of Internal Audit Plans, function, and methodologies
  • Advice on review of plans, function, Internal Control Methodologies
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Anti money laundering program

And others.

Through our services we connect with clients, creating certain administrative accounting and finance operations. Our objective is to support you focus your efforts and resources on the strategic and priority aspects of your business. Our services include:

  • General Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Other business processes

And others.

  • Process documentation
  • Process implementation assurance
  • Cash management in branches
  • Efficient “Regulatory Compliance” processes
  • Process reengineering
  • Diagnosis and improved profitability for institutions
  • Financial through cost analysis
  • Capacity and standardization of central services and offices
  • Organization structure models and operational
  • Selection and validation of the implementation of technological tools
  • Advice on interpretation and regulatory implementation for compliance areas (CNBV, CNSF, BANXICO, LIC, LMV, LGOAAC, CONDUSEF, and others)
  • Money Laundering prevention
  • Functional requirements desigment for technological developments

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Our Team

Services provided
by specialists
in the financial market

Our commitment will always be to offer you personalized attention and professionalism in each of our activities, superimposing at all times, the well-being of our clients and their businesses.


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